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Hospitality Included

Hospitality Included

Beginning in 2023, The Table moved to a Hospitality Included model of service.  What this means is that we have eliminated tipping at the restaurant. Our guests are not asked to pay extra on their bill at the end of their experience and all tipping prompts have been removed from our point-of-sale system. 

By increasing our prices across our product offerings, all the necessary revenue to compensate our small team of hard-working employees equitably, competitively and professionally has already been built into the cost of our dinner experiences.  This ensures that our employees receive fair compensation that is not only predictable from day to day but also insurable insofar that it increases their government entitlements such as employment insurance, vacation pay and contributions to the Canada Pension Plan. 



The Table specializes in providing set-menu meals where each course is cooked, plated and served from our small kitchen.  With this type of dining model, it is difficult to simultaneously prepare alternatives to be either allergy-friendly or to satisfy individual dietary preferences/lifestyle choices without compromising the safety and quality of dishes and the value and integrity of the experience. 

While we sympathize with guests who have allergies, unfortunately we cannot safely accommodate the majority of severe or anaphylactic allergies especially those to dairy, lactose, all seafood, onions or garlic.  Please note that at least 2-3 courses in each meal include seafood (fish, mollusks, bivalves and/or crustaceans), and dairy, garlic and onion are ingredients in the majority of courses.

We are also now unable to accommodate vegetarian or vegan diets. 

Our menus are however planned to be able to accommodate celiac diets and nut allergies. We are similarly able to accommodate allergies to tropical foods grown only outside of Canada such as bananas, pineapples or citrus, as our cuisine focuses on local and Canadian ingredients. 

We encourage all guests with any kind of allergies or dietary concerns to contact The Table directly by phone or email to confirm whether their needs can be met during our experiences. 

All allergies and dietary restrictions must be indicated at the time of booking.  Please be specific in your comments and provide information on how many people have allergies and to what foods.
Allergies or dietary restrictions provided on arrival can not be accommodated.

We do not recommend our experiences for anyone who is a self-proclaimed “picky-eater”.  
Please note that we are not able to make substitutions for food aversions.

We are profoundly grateful for all of the guests who wish to visit The Table for one of our dining experiences and strive to ensure their time with us is full, enjoyable and delicious.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions that we cannot accommodate, avoid making reservations with us so as not to compromise the quality or value of their experience by having to miss out on components of the meal.



When you make your reservation online or by phone you will be asked to provide payment for the meal portion of your dining experience - $170 per person plus tax, hospitality included.  Beverages will be available during your experience at additional cost.  

We understand that it is sometimes necessary for guests to cancel or modify reservations due to changes in travel plans, illness and unforeseen circumstances.  

The Table requires a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) notice to cancel/modify from the date/time of a reservation in order to issue a refund.  This includes modifying a reservation to decrease the number of guests attending.  

Reservations cancelled less than 72 hours (3 days) from the date/time of the reservation are not eligible to receive a refund.  

If you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please contact The Table by phone or email at [email protected] to let us know as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your consideration.

NOTE: In cases where a reservation party size is reduced by two or more guests from the original reservation size, thus making the group size smaller than the minimum number of seats for the table originally reserved, the entire reservation may become forfeit if a smaller table is not available.  In such instances, the remaining guests may choose to a) be placed on a waitlist for a smaller table on the evening of their original reservation date, b) move their reservation to a different date when a smaller table is available, or c) cancel the entire reservation and receive a refund provided that the cancellation was received more than 3 days prior to the reservation date.


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