A Taste of the Island

Our culinary experiences embody our commitment to community by serving each of our guests the most authentic and fresh version of Island cuisine imaginable. The Chef's Table experience has been crafted to ensure our award-winning Chef has the creative freedom to shape dishes that are entirely inspired by our producers (often our neighbors!) and the bounty of ingredients available for harvest throughout the season; the very food that has made Prince Edward Island Canada's Food Island.

To achieve our culinary vision, a new menu is created each week. With only 27 seats available, our guests can delight in knowing that their spot for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience is reserved and revel in the anticipation of what's to come. With a focus on the freshest of fresh Island seafood, artisanal butchery, foraged foods, and hyper-local produce, you can have confidence that every dish will be your new favourite. 

We  are closed for the 2022 season.  Thank you to everyone who joined us this year! 
Remember to book early for 2023 to avoid disappointment!  Reservations will open in early 2023.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop about next season.

 Reservations are required as there is limited seating available each evening.
Reservations can be made online or by phone at 647-920-1542


We require a minimum of 72 hours notice to cancel a reservation.  
Reservations cancelled less than 72 hours from the date/time of the reservation will be charged $50 per person.

Now of course, we get it, things happen, plans change. We understand that it is sometimes necessary for guests to cancel reservations due to unforeseen circumstances.  Cancellations made well in advance can often be filled from our waitlist however cancellations made with no or short notice (less than 3 days before a dinner) become difficult to fill.  If you need to cancel, please call or email the restaurant to let us know as soon as possible. 

Why is it important to us, and every small restaurant, that you commit to your reservation? 

The Table’s evening dining experiences are unique and intimate, offering seating for only up to 27 guests each night.  Advance reservations are required because each meal is prepared exclusively for our booked guests.  To maintain and support sustainability, we order exactly the right amount of food from our local farmers and fishers to guarantee that you are satisfied and receiving the freshest ingredients possible while being conscious of food waste, a cause that is very important to us. We structure our seating to ensure that not only will your group be able to fully enjoy your dinner experience, but that we are able to meet our weekly goals in order to keep our doors open. 

We are supported by a food community. All of us at The Table, and our tight-knit group of fishers, farmers, foragers, and food artisans work together to ensure we can all help each other prosper. Our prosperity is aided by your courtesy and support. We take great care and respect in preparing to entertain you for the evening, and we ask that you grant us that same respect by honouring your commitment to your reservation. 

We’re not just a restaurant, we’re a once a night happening! You won’t want to miss it.  

Thank you for your consideration.


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