A Taste of the Island

 In October, The Table will be offering intimate Island dining experiences every Wednesday and Saturday night.  We will also be offering private dinners for groups of 8 or more on any evening upon request.  All of our meals feature fresh, seasonal and local ingredients prepared by our in-house Chefs and are served family-style on platters at our large harvest table.  

This is Island dining at it’s best, providing you with the opportunity to interact with the Chefs as they prepare the meal and learn about the fresh local foods that are being served and Island culture.  Around the table, you can share stories and meet new friends while enjoying a freshly prepared three course meal.  Evenings will end with dessert and storytelling or entertainment either inside the historic church or outside on the grounds around a lovely campfire looking out on picturesque fields of rural PEI. 

Call today to find out what's on the menu this week! 

This is an Island experience that you won’t soon forget! 

The dinner experience begins at 6pm
$65/adult    $35/children (6 to 12 yrs)    Children under 5 yrs dine free  

 Reservations are required as there are only 14 seats available each evening.
Call us at 647-920-1542 today to make your reservation!

Culinary Comfort
 May to October

Come enjoy home-style family favourites with a sophisticated twist.  Our Chefs take classic dishes and infuse the traditional flavours with new elements to enhance your favourite comfort foods.  We serve two main dishes made from local ingredients with tastefully prepared side dishes, all in a “family style” setting.  Join us for an Island family dinner and discover your new old favourite.


Taste the Season

May to October

The flavours of the season are the focus of this dinner, showcasing the Island’s fresh local ingredients from land and sea through the year.  Our Chefs explore the flavours of each season with culinary dishes that highlight the sweet light flavours of Spring, the savoury colorful crops of Summer, and the warm calming notes of Fall harvest.  We use the freshest local produce, meats and seafood in each season to provide you with a true taste of the Island.  Freshness never tasted so good! 


Traditional Island Feast
 May to September only

Enjoy a feast of Prince Edward Island’s finest seafood in a true expression of Island flavours and culture.  Platters of lobster, mussels, quahogs, sausages, fresh picked vegetables and famous PEI potatoes are a feast for the eyes and the palate.  During the evening, you will learn about how lobsters are caught, how mussels are farmed, how to shuck an oyster and how to deshell a lobster using only a butter knife. Join us for this succulent feast!


Isle & Fire

June to September only

Gather in the garden around the fire with our Chef as he prepares smoky and savoury dishes over an open flame.  Learn how to harness the heat and flavour of the fire to create a mouth-watering meal of chicken, pork and seasonal vegetables, and how to pair some of the hidden culinary treasures of the Island with traditional dishes to produce inspired tastes.  Come join us for a hot time in New London!



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