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As you walk through the doors of The Table Culinary Studio, your senses are immediately engaged. The essence of community fills this former New London United Church, alive with a history of events that brought people together within its walls. What better place to congregate and share in a unique culinary experience than a space that was created for the gathering of family and friends? 

The Venue

The former New London United Church that now houses The Table Culinary Studio was built in 1953 through the generous donations of its members and supporters. In recognition of that community commitment, every effort has been made to preserve the building’s distinctive architectural features and to honour its origins, creating a true wow factor.

Exposed trusses and streams of natural light radiating through stained glass windows establish a leisurely atmosphere of relaxation. The original pulpit built by Marshall Constable has been incorporated into the new upper level of the building, providing a focal point for speakers addressing guests at private functions. A custom-built spiral staircase leads up to the church tower and a pastoral landscape view that must be seen to be fully appreciated – a panorama for photographers and other artists.

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Your Experience

Prince Edward Island is known for its gentle, friendly atmosphere. It is also a place where family traditions remain alive and well. Our Island is a place where friends and family continue to gather around the kitchen table regardless of reason, regardless of season. That sense of gathering and belonging is what we strive to achieve when you visit us.

At The Table Culinary Studio, we’ll introduce you to traditional PEI recipes and the latest culinary innovations, always with a sense of humour. We’ll explain the effect and impact of each ingredient and answer any questions you may have. We’ll guide you step-by-step through cooking techniques as you produce your own meal of authentic food… made almost entirely of ingredients produced and harvested right here on our beautiful Island.

Once the meal is prepared, gather round our 12-foot long harvest table built by local artisan Todd Woodside using 140-year-old attic boards salvaged from a nearby home. We’ll share stories and captivate your imagination with accounts of Island fact and fiction over fine food.

Chef Derrick Hoare


As far back as I can remember I have always chosen a unique path. My search for the eclectic has led me in a number of wonderful directions and to some very satisfying places. I have spent the majority of my adult life in the service of seniors, have played professional sports, flown planes, been a realtor and trained as a chef.

I was born and raised in small town Ontario, and grew up loving the outdoors. There is something special about being outside and at one with nature. The earth speaks to us through the fields, mountains, seas and rivers. All my life I have heard and seen the beauty of nature, and I really think that is why I have settled here on Prince Edward Island. As Jacques Cartier said in 1720, the Island is “the most beautiful stretch of land imaginable”.

PEI is also known as the birthplace of Canada, and I love that the idea of creating a nation was born on this small Island. Even though I am “from away”, I have made my home here. I have had the opportunity to put my hands to making lobster traps, earned my Cork designation on a 45’ Hutt fishing boat, helped catch 4,000 lobsters, and been part of a crew that caught both a 400 lb. and an 800 lb. tuna.  

My most cherished pastime is creating culinary events for friends and family using fresh Island ingredients from the sea and red soil. I enjoy gathering people from different places at one table to share an Island experience built on incredible food, colourful stories and lots of laughs. My goal for The Table is to give you an Island culinary experience that will inspire you to recreate it and share it with your friends and family.

Chef Roark MacKinnon


At a young age I was introduced to the joy of gardening and the importance of fresh produce in achieving a true culinary experience. I savoured my father's fresh pasta sauces on summer evenings, and indulged in vibrant red tomatoes and the sweet crunch of carrots from our garden. 

A large portion of my childhood was spent sitting among its rows, and I knew then that this was my future direction and a joy I had to share.

Since that time, my love of what we grow has expanded to a love of what the sea has to offer. I have sailed the eastern seaboard from P.E.I to the Bahamas, and the western seaboard from Costa Rica to northern British Columbia as both first mate and chef onboard large private yachts. Combining the culinary and cultural experiences and cooking techniques encountered during my travels with my expertise and creativity when working with fresh regional seafood has truly helped to shape who I am as a chef today.

In the fall of 2013, I focused on adding further credentials to my expertise by training at the Culinary Institute of Canada in Charlottetown. There, I came away with a deeper appreciation of the flavours, textures and colours that are part of the beauty of a well-rounded culinary experience. I also found a passion for teaching, a love of learning, and beauty in simplicity. We’re gifted on Prince Edward Island with rich soil, bountiful waters, distinct flavours and dramatic seasonal changes, all accompanied by a truly incredible view. I’m pleased to be part of The Table Culinary Studio's team, and I welcome you to join us for a true culinary experience. 

Chef Roark 

Chef Michael Bradley

CHEF Michael

Food was always destined to be a part of my life. After eight years of work experience in the food industry, I began my journey to become a Chef at the Culinary Institute of Canada several years ago. It only took one step into their kitchens to realize I had made one of the best decisions of my life. I enjoyed every minute of my training and spent the summer of 2016 at The Table as an apprentice. It was easily one of the best summers in my life, and I am ecstatic to be coming back this year.

Food is my life. It’s hard to find a time of day when food isn’t on my mind. I’m always up for a new challenge, and food is no different. Constantly striving to improve my skills and broaden my knowledge, so that I may scratch the surface of this culinary globe. I’m extremely excited to be coming back to The Table for the Summer of 2017 and I hope to see your smiling face around our table in the near future!


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